Handling Messages

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A standard message appears for all HTTP 500 series errors, which reads:

"An HTTP 500 error has been returned when attempting to communicate with the WebFOCUS web components. The application server log contains information on why this error has occurred. Contact your WebFOCUS Administrator or Information Builders Customer Support Services for further assistance."

All other HTTP errors are handled by the Web server.

By default, all Dashboard specific error messages are generated by WORP_Error.jsp. You can implement your own error page by editing the "ERROR" entity in the
worp/conf/bid-config.dtd file:

<!ENTITY ERROR "&JSP;/WORP_Error.jsp">

All messages that display on the user's screen are written to the Web Application server log file. The location of the Web Application server log file is different for different Web Application servers. Check your Web Application server documentation for the location of the log file.